Beautiful beaches, rich cultures. These islands don’t stand only for its beaches and cultures some of them have mountains, history and things that will always bring the tourist back and increase the tourists every year. 

Some islands have something that makes them unique, beautiful and special for tourist and if you never been on an island will give you a reason to go and visit them. 


 Volcano activities play a big role in this island. There are many things to do on this island and many histories. Expect for its color on the beach, you can taste different wine. You can explore the ancient ruins that are burned to ashes. 

You can go hikes around the islands. You can go visit the Ancient Akrotiri it was a Greek minister of culture that was in the town, and the town is bestrode by volcanic activity. 


Have you seen pictures of the village in the Maldives? They say it is better to see that in person. You can go to Scuba diving and snorkeling be on the beach. If you like a good spa the Maldives Spas are somethings to visit. 

You can go and see what do they shell at the mark like fish will you mostly see. You can go visit the Male the smallest capital city. Male’ is a hop off-ship type of island. There is a museum a public square and the Sultan Park where visitors can enjoy themselves on the green grass site.

 The Azores 

this island is located near Portugal and the mid-Atlantis. This island is known for is green site, villagers, mountains, rivers. The São Miguel, it the largest river they’re on that island. The best time to visit is when it is warm in the October months. That island is known for its whale and dolphin watching. 

The Azores are many landscapes, it hasn’t got any beaches but it is a good place and is fun to do and have a hike around the island. And go see how beautiful the Sao Miguel river is and see what is look in real life.

 If you never had been on an island this is the top 3 islands to visit. If you love nature to visit an island that has it all. Island is very peacefully then only noise you will hear is the sound of the waves and birds and other animals on the island.